1. It is essential for all pure-bred dogs to be registered, in order to maintain the essential pedigree. In particular, registration is required before the dog is bred from, exhibited, or exported.

  2. NAMING OF DOGS: When inserting the name of the dog please bear in mind:

    • Proposed Name must not exceed 30 letters including prefix / suffix.
    • If you are the owner of a Registered Kennel Name and wish to use it when registering dogs, it may be used as a prefix or suffix
    • Do not use words from the dog’s pedigree since they may be Kennel Names held by other persons and your proposed name will not then be acceptable.
    • Do not repeat a word when naming puppies unless you have applied for this word to be registered as your Kennel Name.
    • Names of notable persons countries, cities, numerals, and common single-word names may not be acceptable. Also do not use single letters or initials as part of the name.
    • A Name already used to register a dog may NOT be used to register another dog of the same breed within fifteen years.
    • A dog previously registered in another Kennel Club can only be registered with the same name, unless this is changed by the INKC for any of the above reasons.
  3. A DOG WITH EITHER OR BOTH PARENTS UNREGISTERED IS NOT NORMALLY REGISTRABLE. If, however, the dog is a good specimen of the breed, it may be produced before a person authorized by the INKC for such certification. Alternatively, clear photographs of the dog, including one in standing posture in profile may be submitted, with height at shoulder, and side profile of the dog. In either case, the dog must be over 6 months of age. The Registration Certificate, if issued, would show the parent’s as UNKNOWN Such a dog will not have a pedigree and cannot be referred to as a pedigree dog.

  4. Registration Fee as given hereunder may be remitted by means of online payment in favor of the Indian National Kennel Club REGISTRATION PROCESSING FEE (NON-REFUNDABLE)

  5. Single Dog Registration Non-Members Members
    Both parents having INKC Reg. Rs. 500 Rs. 400
    Parent(s) Unknown Rs. 1,000 Rs. 800
    With one or both parents KCI or Imported dogs from other Club Rs. 500 Rs. 400
  6. Microchip is not included in the above charges. If required, please select the appropriate option on the form and pay extra:

  7. Microchip Non-Members Members
    Microchip (1 unit) Rs. 400 Rs. 400
  8. Application will be processed as per the user's input during applying for the single dog registration.

  9. The INKC may reject any application to Register a Kennel Name or to Register or transfer any dog or change or cancel a Name. The INKC. may cancel or suspend any registration or transfer or grant of a Kennel Name already made in case of false particulars, or misdemeanor of the owner.

  10. In issuing a Registration Certificate based on information given in this Application, the INKC does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of the particulars.

  11. Stringent action will be taken against person(s) who provide incorrect particulars.

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