1. Only the Breeder can apply for Certified Transfer Forms (CTF) for a litter in his/her own Name. For all practical purposes the owner of the Dam will be the Breeder.

  2. All the surviving puppies in a litter must be Registered together.

  3. The litter should be under 6 weeks old for obtaining CTF as Registration of litter. Thereafter, each puppy will have to be Registered individually, as Single Dog Registration.

  4. A litter cannot be Registered if either or both parents is/are not Registered.

  5. The Breeder applying for Litter Registration will be issued a Certified Transfer Form (CTF) for each puppy. The CTF will be valid only until the puppies are 120 days of age (period of validity), after which the CTF will be totally invalid.
    Add Rs. 50/- for Bank Commission on cheque other than Mumbai.

  6. The Certified Transfer Forms should be submitted to the I.N.K.C. office within this period of validity for issue of a Dog Registration Certificate in favor of the Owner. After the period the validity the CTF will become totally invalid.

  7. If the Breeder wishes to retain puppy(ies) beyond the age Of 120 days (period of validity), the relevant Certified Transfer Form(s) shall be submitted to the I.N.K.C. office for issue of Dog Registration Certificate (s) showing Breeder as Owner.

  8. It shall be strictly understood that during-the period of validity of the (s) the puppy/ies will be kept at the Breeder’s address mentioned on the application. Breeders should, therefore, ensure that on change of puppy’s ownership the CTF is immediately submitted to the I.N.K.C. for issue of Dog Registration Certificate in favor of the owner

  9. Three options are available for naming the puppy(ies) in this Application :

    • No name(s) is/are given to the puppy(ies), leaving the Registered Name(s) to the choice of the subsequent owner;

    • The Breeder specifically requests only the addition of his/her registered Kennel Name as affix, leaving the remaining portion of the Registered Name(s) of the puppy(ies) to the subsequent owner.

    • In case of Dog Shows / Seminars etc. being cancelled for reasons beyond the control of INKC no/part/full refund OR carry forward of fees paid shall be at the sole discretion of the INKC.

    • The Breeder specifically wishes to name puppy(ies), so that the subsequent owner may not be able to give name(s) of his/her choice. If any of the names given is not admissible, the Club Reserves the right to allot another name and such name shall be the Registered Name. Owners are, however, at liberty to call their dog by any other pet name without effecting a change in the Registered Name.

  10. Forms with erasure, correction or overwriting may not be accepted.

  11. The Breeder is the Applicant and he/she shall be held responsible for completing the Application with correct particulars. Applicants making incorrect statements or giving false signatures will be severely dealt with.

  12. The Fee as given below should accompany this application

    Litter Registration (CTF) Processing Fee (Non-Refundable) per pup Non-Members Members
    With both parents having INKC Reg. Rs. 300 Rs. 250

    Add Rs. 50/- for Courier or Registered Post.
    Add Rs. 50/- for Bank Commission on cheque other than Mumbai.

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